Medical Academy Astrakhan (Russia): Patient’s Experiences Using the Deta-Ritm and Deta-AP


This survey was conducted under the supervision of a physician and Lecturer in the Academy of Aa Panob, Russia – 33 patients were examined with varying health issues; 23 children from 2 to 17 years and 10 adults from 30 to 59 years old.

There was a variety patients with an array of different health problems, including:

• Upper respiratory infection: 4 patients
• Herpes: 7 patients
• Chronic Herpes: 7 patients
• Tinea pedis (athlete’s foot): 1 patient
• Nasopharyngitis (caused by Candida): 2 patients
• Ostechondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine: part 4 patients
• Gastro-duodenitis: 5 patients
• Dystonia: 2 patients
• Diabetes mellitus: type 2 – 1 patients

The overall conclusion reached was that the combined treatments using the Deta-Ritm and Deta-AP devices had improved the overall health of 75% of the patient population after only 2-3 days of using the devices. The overall general effectiveness of all the treatments was 97%.
Patients generally tolerated the treatments without complaining about being inconvenienced as the treatments were mostly conducted in the patient’s home.
There were no side effects reported from any of these patients.