What is the secret of Del’or cosmetics?

Del’or Cosmetics contain amorphous silica nanoparticles. These particles have the unique propery of self-returning to their original structure. Once Del’or cosmetics are applied to the face, microparticles strengthen the skin and rearrange its grid structure by converging, tightening and lifting it, thus removig wrinkles.

Contains no active chemicals

These are unique cosmetics, the effect of which is based on the laws of physics and nanotechnology. Del’or is the only line of cosmetic products in the world, that rejuvenate the skin thanks to its vigorous physical structure, without using strong chemicals.

What is the Golden matrix?

This line of cosmetics contains 24-karat gold colloid. Gold microparticles are beneficial to the nerve fibers of the skin, having a calming effect, that enhances and accelerates the process of skin rejuvenation.

Del’or Benefits

Immediate results.
Wrinkles are reduced by 50% after the very first application.

Cumulative effect

With regular use of Del’or cosmetics, not only wrinkles get erased, skin gets also deeply cleansed, the blood flow & moisture is restored as well as is skin metabolism, thus preventing the appearance of new wrinkles.

Intelligent selective peeling

Removes only dirty and dead skin cells. Living cells are not affected.


Del’or Cosmetics do not contain harsh chemicals; wrinkle reduction is solely the result of laws of physics. Therefore,Del’or Cosmetics can be used continuously without risking skin damage.