Marketing Plan


Deta Elis was launched in 1992 as an inland company, functioning only within the Russian Federation. Five years ago, Deta Elis decided to expand its services worldwide. Among lots of different ways on how to achieve that goal, they chose the most effective, profitable, fastest, and revolutionary way, that is, through the Network Marketing Industry. In other words, the Industry of Opportunity.

Network Marketing is a business model by which a company chooses to distribute its products and services through a Network of Independent Partners Worldwide. This fast growing industry of approximately $178 billion USD per year, occupies more than 96 million people worldwide with an estimated number of 150.000 additional people getting involved every week.

It’s already proven that MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Industry is changing the lives of thousands of people around the world. Deta Elis is already active in many different countries and is working on expanding even further with the goal of eventually covering most of the globe.

Deta Elis gives to everyone the opportunity to create and develop a business, regardless of age, education level and current occupation type. As a result of the massive development of the company worldwide, Deta Elis has a major interest in collaborating with professionals and associates the world over, that are seriously interested in getting involved in the field of Healing, Holistic Therapy and Health & Wellness. An Associate can be a Doctor, an Alternative Medicine Doctor or any individual that wishes to accomplish a successful partnership with Deta Elis, each one with a different outlook on the possibilities of section growth.


Partnership as a Health Professional.

Any Health Professional that wishes to become a Deta Elis Practitioner must attend training provided by authorized Deta Elis Doctors explaining the ways of best using their devices as well as on how to achieve optimum results on diagnosis and therapy. Health Professionals have thus the ability and opportunity to buy and promote all kinds of products manufactured by Deta Elis.

Partnership as an Independent Associate.

Any person interested to become financially independent targeting personal success, may become an Independent Deta Elis Associate. Each Independent Associate is given the opportunity to promote Deta Elis’ products in his own pace and time. The prospect of creating a global network consisting of Health Professionals as well as Independent Associates is there for the taking.

Deta Elis Partnership Benefits:

• By using Deta Elis’ devices, you, your family and friends may enjoy a better, healthier life style!

• Awarded, Trustworthy Company with 23+ Years of Experience. Deta Elis is the first ever company that has conceived and manufactured portable healing devices based on Electromagnetic Field Therapy. As a result, over the last two decades, it has accumulated more than 117 clinical studies and its products have been field tested on thousands of different patients, diseases and locations. Thousands of different testimonials, coming from Patients, Independent Associates as well as Health Professionals testify to the quality and effectiveness of Deta Elis’ therapeutic devices.

• Although Deta Elis has been promoting its products through MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) for the last 5 years, it only did so within the Russian Federation. The reason behind this was the fact that its devices up until recently did not feature the required global certifications. This changed during the last few months as Deta Elis moved its manufacturing facilities to Germany. This opened up a brand new global field of marketing for these revolutionary diagnostic / healing devices. It is essentially a huge new business opportunity as timing is everything and the sky is the limit!

• Great growth potential with the ability to create a worldwide business.

• Generous reward plan that pays daily and most importantly gives you the opportunity to create a practically unlimited residual income source.

• No reoccurring monthly fees are required in contrast to most other MLM companies. Partnership is maintained as long as a device is sold per year.

• Innovative Products featuring Patented Certificates in over 73 Countries.

• Professional Training for all Partners.

• Modern form of self-employment with the ability to become professionally active both off as well as online.

• All Products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany and comply or even surpass all global safety requirements and certifications.

• Deta Elis’ success is effectively based on 3 Pillars: Health & wellness, Network marketing and Personal development.

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