The immune system protects the body by participating in its vital functions and adapting to changing conditions. Immune cells should always be on guard, because the organism is attacked every second by pathogenic microbes. Some of their species develop long-term immunity, but not to cold and flu viruses.

Why are colds dangerous?

Frequent catarrhal diseases lead to disturbances in the work of organs and an even lower immunity. Microbes freely penetrate into the body and destroy it. As a result, the common cold turns into serious complications. They require outpatient treatment – from 2 weeks to several months of bed rest. Drugs against flu and colds also cause negative reactions. Antipyretics reduce immunity and promote inflammation. Vasoconstrictive nasal drops affect mucous and small vessels, causing chronic edema. Antitussive drugs produce sputum congestion and infection of the respiratory tract. But there are ways to prevent colds and flu that do not harm your body. Complex DeVita Ritm Mini ‘Active Immune System’ prevents colds, and most importantly, helps to prevent complications that occur with the flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis and many others. The complex is aimed at activating the body’s defenses, increasing resistance and shortening the recovery time. Use of prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases is good in the cold season, and during the hot summer days, when there is a big risk of getting colds from under your favorite and refreshing air-conditioners. Complex ‘Active Immune System’ helps to carry over flights through climatic belts, when the immunity decreases and the body’s condition gets worse.

What is DeVita Ritm Mini?

This is a reduced and improved version of the DeVita Ritm, which harmonizes the work of organs and body systems. The device has separate vibration frequencies for various organs and allows the body to work on self-healing. Has more opportunities, than its predecessor: combined with DeInfo, can accommodate up to 50 complexes of manual and automatic programs. DeVita Ritm mini is suitable for the whole family, maintaining a natural hormonal balance, improving the performance of organs, preventing premature age changes.