The state of the skin is an indicator of human health. Failures in the work of certain body systems: digestive, endocrine, immune, circulatory – are reflected on the skin of the face and body. Also, the state of the skin and hair is affected by ecology, stress, the use of substandard cosmetics.

What can be caused by skin problems?

The most common skin problems are acne, pigment spots, couperose. In general, these problems have age-related causes associated with imbalance of hormones. However, the condition of the facial skin may worsen at an earlier age. The reason for this may be improper skin care or selection of substandard cosmetics. Frequent scalp problems are dandruff and seborrhea, which give excessive oils or dryness to the skin. This affects the health of the hair – they become thin, brittle and weak, begin to fall out. Problems with the scalp can be of a dermatological nature, they are also often caused by microorganisms – bacteria and fungi. Skin problems are similar to those of the scalp. It is dry in the winter, acne, especially in the back, causes lowered tone and flabbiness. These problems are caused both by external pathogens, and internal failures in the body, as well as by improper care, unbalanced nutrition and the tough regime of the day.

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