The gastrointestinal tract is a complex system on which the vital activity of the whole organism depends. It is here that food is processed into substances necessary for the functioning of organs. And the processes of obtaining energy and building material for new cells begin. More than half of the world’s population suffers from digestive system disorders. Their main reasons are an unbalanced diet, poor ecology, incorrect eating habits (overeating, diets, on-the-go food, semi-finished products, etc.). Every fourth person has a history of gastrointestinal disease.
Why is it important to monitor the health of the gastrointestinal tract?

This leads to serious consequences – from problems with body weight to diseases requiring surgical intervention. In addition, problems with the gastrointestinal tract affect the overall well-being, performance and appearance. Inadequate metabolism causes skin problems – acne, dryness or greasiness, dull complexion, wrinkles But there is an effective solution for the normalization of digestion. The ‘Digestion without problems’ Complex on the DeVita Ritm Mini, is aimed at improving the correct function of the digestive system and restoring the functions of the excretory system.

During poisoning: – «No poisoning – automatic» — daily for 3-5 days. DeVita Ritm Mini is suitable for the whole family, maintaining a natural hormonal balance, improving the performance of organs, preventing premature age changes.