Young people may have problems with erection, due to unhealthy lifestyle and urological diseases, the most common of which is prostatitis. Another dangerous disease is prostate adenoma and prostatic tumour, of which every second man over 50, is suffering.
What are the problems of male health?

Acute prostatitis passes heavily, with elevated to 39-40 ° C body temperature. Urination is difficult and becomes very painful. In the absence of treatment, prostatitis becomes chronic. It can affect the bladder and kidneys, cause inflammation of the prostate and even sepsis. And the source of the infection cannot always be determined. Because of prostatitis and prostate adenoma, not only the process of urination, but also the potency is disrupted. And complications with these diseases can lead to infertility. Often men face psychological disorders – this leads to depression, neuroses, chronic stress and other neurological diseases. But there is a qualitative and effective solution. The Complex ” Men’s health” is aimed at protection from infections, regulation of sexual activity and restoration of physiological indicators.

What is DeVita AP Mini?
Is an electromagnetic device aimed at combating pathogens. It is an improved smaller version of the DeVita AP Base device. The new version has more opportunities, than its predecessor and combined with DeInfo, it can save up to 50 Complexes of manual and automatic programs