Problems with the spine and joints – it’s a payment for uprightness. Having only two points of support, the human body is compelled to keep balance constantly. Strictly speaking, each person is doomed to an increased burden and problems with the spine. Because of this, the joints experience an increased load.

What are the problems with the spine and joints?

The most common problems are mobility impairment, severe pain and inflammation. And this indirectly affects the appearance of obesity, varicose veins, gastrointestinal problems and general fatigue. In especially severe cases, problems with the spine and joints lead to restriction of movement and disability. Diseases of the back and joints for a long time can go unnoticed, but at the most unexpected moment, they express themselves with severe pain. Treatment is able, basically, only to remove the symptoms – to reduce pain, improve mobility and blood circulation.

Therefore, it is important to take care of the health of the spine and joints in time. Complex “MOVEMENT WITHOUT PAIN” aims to relieve inflammation of the joints, recovery from injuries and improvement of the musculoskeletal system