The physical load seriously changes the metabolism and vital activity of the body. Athletes need more nutrients and vitamins, rest and full sleep. Bones and joints experience increased stress. The metabolism accelerates, the need for liquid intake increases.

How does training and sports affect the body?

Being engaged in fitness or sports, we want to get high results in a short time. However, the body reserves are limited. Due to active metabolism during training, a lot of energy is spent, the accumulation of decay products, which are released only after 24 hours, increases the toxic load on the liver and kidneys. Every training or competition is a big stress for the body. The accumulated stress negatively affects the general well-being and can reduce the working capacity, and in the future – cause heart problems. In addition to vitamins and nutrients, for raising the effectiveness of training there is a qualitative and effective method! Complex DeVita Ritm Mini ‘Sport performers’ is aimed at increasing the strength indicators, normalizing muscle tone and removing pain after training.