Women have more adaptive reserves of long-term stress and anxiety than men. However, the female body has its own limits, and it is reasonable that in situations of severe pressure, women’s health is getting worse. The enormous impact is also attributed to ecology, as every fifth city resident faces “female” problems.


Heralds of malfunction in the proper function of the female body are fatigue, bad mood, irritability, constant weakness, unwillingness to rise in the morning from bed and loss of interest in intimacy with a man. If you do not pay attention to these changes, they can lead to serious health problems. Problems with women’s health lead to negative changes in appearance. The skin becomes more oily, it can have increased hairiness. Inflammation and acne can occur as well. Failures in development of female hormones can lead to a rapid gain of body weight and hair loss. But there is an effective solution that will prevent women’s health from suffering. Complex “WOMEN’S HEALTH” is aimed at restoring the functions of the excretory system and reducing the psycho-emotional stress.