Trace minerals are natural microelements, derived from sea water.  We all know that sea water is a unique liquid composition, which is very similar to the composition of blood plasma. That is why, in order to enhance immunity and improve health, it is recommended to go to the sea often.

For those who do not have such opportunity to go on vacations, it is necessary to take supplement with trace minerals, as these ingredients:

·         Harmonize the composition of blood plasma;

·         Normalize cells function;

·         Improve the skin condition;

·         Take part in metabolic processes;

·         Help to get rid of toxins;

·         Activate the digestion.

Trace minerals are a part of DeLixir pH-Balance ingredients. They help the body obtain a healthy acid-alkaline balance in a short time.

For the best results use DeLixir pH-Balance along with bioresonance DeVita Ritm Base device.

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