Since ancient times the turmeric was well known for its healing properties. Healers believed that turmeric purifies the energy channels and gets rid of negative energy. Unconventional methods of recovery can be treated differently, but it’s been proved long time ago that turmeric is a very powerful curative plant.

·         Turmeric has antibacterial properties

·         ItcontainsVit. B2, B3, K, C

·         Itprovidesmetabolismnormalization

·         Itcontainsantioxidants

·         It purifies the blood

·         In sports it’s applied for the elasticity of ligaments

Turmeric extract is a part of DeLixir pH-Balance ingredients. It helps normalize physiological functions of the body. For the best results use DeLixir pH-Balance along with bioresonance DeVita Ritm Base device.

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