Acai berry has received many epithets – “the fountain of eternal youth”, “berries of life”, “the Amazon wonder”. Indeed, this product has many useful properties. But the most important is its powerful antioxidant effect due to the high content of vitamin C. In addition, acai is a source of iron which helps to regenerate cells and tissues, maintaining the youthfulness of the skin and internal organs. Here are a few useful actions of these “berries of life”:

• Contain fiber, normalizing digestion processes;

• Due to fatty acids support skin smoothness;

• Reduce the feeling of hunger, helping you to lose weight by diet;

• Reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol;

• Have a vasodilating and blood cleaning properties.

Acai berries bought in a supermarket not always have a useful action. During the transportation and freezing they lose their properties. Therefore, it is better to use special additives and drinks with the acai berries, as there is used a juice of freshly picked berries.

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