Hyaluronic acid is part of connective tissues and epidermis. And one of the main functions of this substance is to attract and retain moisture. One molecule of the hyaluronic acid can hold up to a 1000 molecules of water. As you well know, hydration is the secret to good hair and skin. Thus, the state of your hair and skin depends directly on the concentration of the hyaluronic acid in the body.

Hyaluronic acid is produced by the organism, but with age this process is on the decline. To help your skin stay young and hydrated as long as possible, special anti-aging products with hyaluronic acid were produced. Various facial creams and serums are very popular. Though, the molecules of hyaluronic acid are rather big and cannot penetrate deep skin layers through the epidermis, so such cosmetics have just a small external effect.

It is much more efficient to get the hyaluronic acid from the inside of the body. In this situation functional drinks may help. DeLixir Collagen+ with hyaluronic acid in its composition helps you to stay hydrated, young and beautiful!

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