In ancient times the pomegranate was considered a mystical plant that embodied feminine youth and beauty. And the doctors considered the pomegranate a natural pharmacy, using its roots as a remedy against worms, the rind is for treating diarrhea, and juice as tonic and immunity-boosting drink.

The composition of pomegranate juice is unique. Here are some of the ingredients that are contained in it:

• Pomegranate acid or omega-5 – a rare fatty acid that has a positive effect on the skin and hair and has anti-inflammatory properties.

• Vitamin E in a digestible form – oxygenates the blood, gives the skin tone.

• Anthocyanins and polyphenols – substances with antioxidant properties.

• Calcium and iron – provide healthy metabolism, affect the heart and blood vessels.

Pomegranate extract is one of the most powerful tools against skin aging. Pomegranate juice is contained in DeLixir Collagen+ helping you to regain youth and beauty.

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