DEHolding presents to your attention new exclusive product, supplementing and reinforcing the effect of DeVita technologies — DeLixir! —elixir of healthy life.

DeLixir – is a series of concentrated multivitamin drinks balancing the internal environment of the body, cleansing and rejuvenating it. While the DeVita technologies harmonize the performance of organs and relieve your body from toxins, DeLixir products nourish cells and give them inner resources for functioning. ReleaseontheEuropeanmarkedisplannedforOctober.

Meanwhile, the DeLixir brand is presented in 4 products. DeLixir Collagen+ promotes the skin youth and the strengthening of the bone tissue. DeLixir Detox cleanses the body from toxins. DeLixir pH-Balancestabilizes pH balance of the internal environment of the body.  DeLixir Multi-Energy nourishes the organism with necessary vitamins and microelements.

All 4 elixirs are produced in Europe according to the highest standards. In addition to the benefits of DeLixir, it has a delicious taste with no sugar, artificial additives or dyes added.

More on the product you’ll find out on the open meeting with directors, which will take place on the 26th of September. Besides, we’ll be happy to tell you about each product and its ingredients on our web-site and in social networks.

See you online!