In the near future DEHolding is going to release one more tool for an effective business development — an express-test for determination of physical and emotional level of health. The device DePuls+ helps to estimate the body state using main indicators. Its interface is made in window shape:

Window 1 – Register indicators. Here you can see cardiac rate in electrocardiogram. The display also shows any changes of his/her current state and main physiological indicators of the body.

Window 2 – Vegetativeregulationindicators. Here is shown the energy balance, which is being spent to various organism functions, as well as  a stress level.

Window 3 – Psychoemotionalstate. Shows the state of the brain activity and the level of control of psychoemotional balance. It also shows the psychoemotional state at the moment of test.

Window 4 – Protection forces of the body. Demonstrates the state of immune protection of a person being tested — i.e its ability to protect the body from the pathogenic flora.

Window 5 – Speed of biological age. Reflects the compliance of the organs and systems state to the calendar age of a person.

Window 6 – Functional state of the digestive tract. Displays functional state of the digestive system organs through the test of all the gastrointestinal tract organs.

Window 7 – Functional state of systems of an organism. Here you can see the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and other systems.

Window 8 – Functional state of the spine. Displays the status of the various divisions of the vertebral column, as well as the power passing through the energy flow.

Window 9 – Indicators of the functional test. This window shows the final results of the body test, daily forecast activity and biological reserves.

Window 10 – Auraportrait. Here the power of the energetic field of a person is demonstrated — aura, and the state of its membranes, energy and adaptation reserves level.

Window 11 – Chakra system. Displays the activity of energetic centers of a human being — chakras — and the degree of its openness. It depends on the energy exchange with the environment.

Window 12 – Diagramofmeridians. Displays the distribution of energy into the meridians of internal organs, according to the Chinese system of reflex therapy.

Window 13 – WuXingtherapy. Demonstrates balance of 5 energy elements — wood, earth, fire, metal and water — in the body, according to the Chinese theory of Wu Xing.

Window 14 –Test results on the energy state. Here you’ll find general results of energy indicators of the test — state of chakras, meridians and aura.

Window 15 – Recommendations for health care. The final window tells you what products of DEHoldingCompany are recommended for you to use for your health improvement.

Detailed info on each part of the test read in our articles. The express-test will be also displayed at the open meeting with directors on the 26th of September.

See you online!