Pathogenic bacteria cause serious health problems: complications of influenza and colds, digestive problems, lesions of the respiratory system, etc. Bacteria are transmitted in a variety of ways – domestic, air-borne, sexually. Usually bacterial infections are more severe than viral ones, and to combat it you need to take antibiotics.

The most dangerous in the development of diseases caused by bacterial infection, is the release of bacterial toxins, which have inflammatory effect, cause intoxication of the body and damage internal organs. Toxins and antibiotics can cause a decrease in immune defenses of the body, so recovery after bacterial infections can last long enough.

The program “No bacteria” of DeVita AP Base is used to reduce the severity of symptoms of intoxication and ease the condition of the person with bacterial infection of the digestive tract and respiratory system. Using the program you recover faster and more efficiently.

For best results use comprehensive approach from DEHolding — combine the application of DeVita devices with DeLixir. Find more here.