A human being is a complex energy structure, which is based on the 7 chakras located along the spine.
· MULADHARA (colon, bladder, prostate, uterus, feet) — the chakra of the energy potential.

· SVADHISTHANA (genitourinary system, celiac plexus, appendix) — the chakra of the desire activity.

· MANIPURA (stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver) — the chakra of power and wealth.

· ANAHATA (heart, lungs, blood circulatory system) — the chakra of love.

· VISHUDDHA (larynx, thyroid, vocal cords, upper part of lungs) — the chakra of harmony.

· AJNA (vegetative nervous system, eyes, nose, spine) – the chakra of dispassion and supernatural abilities.

· SAHASRARA (brain, epiphysis, pineal gland) – the chakra of spirituality and enlightenment.

Chakras accumulate energy. Each chakra is connected to certain organs, and in case of chakras damage the corresponding organs get damaged as well. Negative energy clogs the chakras and has a detrimental effect on the organism in general. Besides, a person experiences problems in the field, which the chakra is responsible for.

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