Almost every day we experience stress: at work, at home, on the road. Usually, the nervous system neutralizes the consequences of stress, though if the stress is constant or if there has been some sharp changes in the rhythm of life, the body may not cope with the load eventually. The consequences may be rather serious. It all begins with psychological problems — irritation, fatigue, apathy, and sleeping disorders. After that, there come migraines, digestive disorders and the skin problems. The load on the immune system is increasing – and this can lead to frequent colds and other infectious diseases. All this reduces overall vitality, the organs begin to suffer with their tasks, and you may experience the most serious problems.
The “Anti-Stress” program of DeVita Ritm Mini will help you to get over the hard times, lowering your psychological load. It normalizes the nervous system, contributes to the rapid falling asleep and sound sleep. Apply the program before going to bed. In case of strong nervous excitement use it along with the program “Healthy sleep”.
For best results use comprehensive approach from DEHolding — combine the application of DeVita devices with DeLixir.