This will be five intensive days of hands-on, training leading to the official certification of: Deta Elis Bioresonance Practitioner Diploma – Part 1

The goal of this 5-day intensive clinical training is to help the practitioner understand all the technical aspects of bioresonance diagnosis and treatment using the DETA PHARMA and the DETA PROFESSIONAL.

The following topics will be covered and practised on the bioresonance devices:

1. Basic function and technical workings of the PHARMA and PROFESSIONAL
2. The proper technique of VRT bioresonance testing
3. Using the PHARMA and PROFESSIONAL for Bioresonance testing with Algorithms and Resonator (use of ampoules)
4. The “difficult” patient
5. The Significance of the Indicator Drop
6. Testing for Parasites, Protozoa, Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses
7. Testing for organ systems and sub-systems
8. Determining degree of Inflammation and Degeneration in organ systems
9. Determining the Degree of Toxicity and Blockages in the Mesenchyme
10. Using Filters and Complex Filters to Prioritize
11. Measuring Adaptation and Energy Reserves
12. Measuring the Biological Index – the Health of the Mesenchyme
13. Measuring the Photon Index
14. Measuring the DNA Index – the Biophysical and Biochemical condition of the DNA
15. Measuring Psychological and Psychoneurological Loads
16. Measuring Geopathic, Electromagnetic, Radioactive, Heavy Metal Stress
17. Measuring Nutritional Deficiencies
18. Conducting pathogenesis testing – tracing the causal chain
19. Using the Algorithms
20. Food Intolerance testing
21. Treating Food Intolerances with the PROFESSIONAL
22. Allergy testing
23. Treating allergies with Bioresonance Therapy on the PROFESSIONAL
24. Uing the Deta Professional/Pharma for Homeopathic/Nosode making
25. Using the Deta Professional for Bioresonance/Electromagnetic/Quantum Light/Electroacupuncture Therapy
26. Quadrant Testing and Therapy
27. Using the Therapy 8.0 USB to programme the DEVITA AP and RITM
28. Basic treatment rules when using the DEVITA AP and RITM
29. Introduction to the COSMO
30. Questions and Answers