DeVita BRT

Medical device “DeVita-BRT” for bioresonance therapy. The device of classical bioresonance therapy by Franz Morell.

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a new direction in medical and preventive medicine.

Devices BRT work with electromagnetic fluctuations of the human body.

The purpose of this therapy is to neutralize the patient’s pathological fluctuations and to activate the body’s immune forces.

No external energy is used (low-frequency, ultrasonic vibrations, etc.), all fluctuations are physiological.

In the process of conducting bioresonance therapy, the accumulated endo- and exotoxins are eliminated from the body, i.e. mesenchymal reactivation is carried out.


Provides the physician with a whole range of new opportunities, such as effective treatment of various forms of allergy, treatment of tobacco and alcohol dependence, determining the side effects of pharmacological agents and eliminating it.

Bioresonance therapy makes it very easy to obtain a variety of biologics through information transfer (imprinting) of direct physiological and pathological, and inverted pathological electromagnetic fluctuations of the patient to water, alcohol, homeopathic grits and. etc. Such biological products, in their effectiveness, correspond to nosodes, homeopathic and organ preparations, and often they give a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

Bioresonance therapy is particularly effective in cases where the achievement of therapeutic success by traditional methods is impossible or involves considerable time and other costs. The clinical efficacy of bioresonance therapy is more than 80%. The only method of therapy is without contraindications.