DeVita Cosmo

With the unique, revolutionary DeVita Cosmo device, which is a combination of bioresonance therapy and quantum cosmetology, we are now able to approach and solve, in a fundamentally new way, all skin issues and external defects of every man and woman.
First, we perform the personal health check, by ,as we say, «reading” the map that tells us about the state of health of the organs from our face’s wrinkles. After that, we conduct a preventive regulation of the operation of the body organs that are disturbed, based on the map of the wrinkles on the face, while, at the same time, we are starting the cosmetology application on the face, with the quantum component of DeVita COSMO device.
The results of the cosmetology application combined with the regulation of the organs, are extremely impressive because through the photonic component we achieve lifting and reinforcement of the collagen and elastin tissues in the middle part of skin, into the dermis, at the cellular level. If the applications are repeated for at least three weeks, the result is permanent, so the client’s goal is achieved, maintaining health, beauty and youth for many years.
In conclusion, the DeVita Cosmo device is an amazing tool to effectively eliminate wrinkles, freckles, acne’s scars, moles and all skin’s imperfections.

DEVITA-COSMO Designed exclusively for cosmetology

DeVita-Cosmo embodies one of the main mottos of DETA-ELIS a comprehensive approach to the body’s recovery. The “Devita-Cosmo” is a unique device for electromagnetic and quantum therapy is the first appliance in the DETA series designed exclusively for cosmetology. It is based on a fundamentally new approach to resolving dermatological and cosmetic issues. “Devita-Cosmo” eliminates not only visible skin defects but also their underlying causes. Unlike many cosmetic products treating appearance issues only, DeVita-Cosmo” works on a more effective and deeper level. The core of this unparalleled approach is that the constant cosmetic effect is achieved due to the action of the quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The double effect of the quantum and low-frequency electromagnetic radiations effectively facilitates a stable recovery and cosmetic improvement. DeVita-Cosmo implements a unique technology that combines the already famous “Ritm-30” with a quantum unit unmatched worldwide. In this tandem, the “Ritm-30” works as a therapist in treating the malfunctioning organ, while the quantum unit functions as a cosmetologist by treating any facial skin defects caused by improprieties within the body.


Benefits of DeVita Cosmo


• Smoothing of wrinkles
• Non-surgical facelift
• Getting rid of blackheads and pimples
• Restoration of skin protective functions, normalization of metabolic processes, complexion improvement
• As a result of the regular use of the device your skin becomes smoother, firmer and suppler

Facial Skin and General State of Health

When we say “facial skin“, especially when it comes to women’s skin, we imagine its beauty and elasticity, unique vibrancy, smooth and delicate color, and do not absolutely think about its constitution. In order to understand what our skin needs, what can support it and what can enlarge its tonus, it is necessary to know clearly the constitution of facial skin. Many people know that it is possible to read in a person’s face not only his fate, his character, but also his state of health. Any problems in organs are immediately refl acted on a face in form of wrinkles, irritation, acne, etc. With correct application of DeVita-Cosmo device programs everyone can prevent formation of these unwanted “guests” on skin.

For preventive purposes the device is recommended to use from age of 15-25 years at least once a week. After 25 years DeVita-Cosmo is desirable to use regularly. This will help your facial skin to stay longer in a good state, and you – in a good mood.

Rules for Use of a Quantum Cosmetology Device:

1. Set DeVita-Cosmo device to the desired program.
2. Switch on DeVita-Cosmo to execute the program.
3. Place the device in the area of the organ projection, if it is specified in the recommendations.
4. It is necessary to place the quantum add-on device at such a distance from the place of its action at which it is possible to feel heat or light pulses.
5. It is necessary to move the quantum add-on device smoothly, at a speed of 1-2 cm / second:
– along the lines indicated on the figure-linear movement;
– circular clockwise motions; if a small area is specified – circular movements;
-if several areas are specified, make 3-4 circular motions on one area, then move on to another one, etc. After all, go back to the first area. The cycle is repeated – area-based movements.
6. Frequencies of the program replace one another and you should tune in to the feelings. You cannot lose the feeling of heat from the quantum add-on device.

Attention! The device has a contraindication to use by women of the first trimester of pregnancy and people after organs’ transplantation. It is also recommended not to use it during the first two months after myocardial infarction. In case of severe heart disease, it is necessary to place the device not closer than 0.5 m from the body.

Here is the list of 20 – Installed Care Programs (Permanent Care Programs)